Jun. 6th, 2007 10:28 pm
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For some reason, 49 seems like a very strange age. 50 is such a big year, so 49 seems so puny compared to it.

As birthdays go, this one was mediocre. It started OK: I woke up to find two pieces of paper on my bed; one had a drawing of a plate with eggs, toast and bacon, a vase of flowers and a glass of orange juice, and a note saying this was my imaginary breakfast in bed. Underneath was a poster of Han Solo. This was all from [profile] kataline. Pretty cool.

But now I'm at work. Rich and Caroline did visit me and bring me dinner, which was great. Rich did outdo himself this year on his gift: a gift certificate to a local spa. It came in the mail -- at first I thought it was junk mail, but thought the envelope was a little too thick. Massage .. facial ... yummy.

Pretty quiet, overall.
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Caroline testified yesterday before the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee. You can listen/read to the Vermont Public Radio story here, and read the Times Argus story and see a picture here. She's been working very hard on this legislation, which would create a tire deposit similar to the bottle deposit.

Funny story: Caroline has been suffering Vermont's one-degree-of-separation intensely. Lobbying in the Statehouse, she meets  politicians who notice and comment on her last name all the time. The VPR reporter knows me and Rich.

In a bizarre coincidence, Rich was scheduled to testify before the same committee that afternoon. While Caroline was testifying, a committee member noted her last name -- and her response was that they would be seeing her father later that day. When Rich showed up, the members told him that they hoped he did as good a job as his daughter.

(Hopefully they both did a better job than I just did frosting her birthday cake for the party tonight. There must be special tools and tricks of the trade I don't know, because the frosting looks like it went through a hurricane. All that matters is that it tastes good, and there's enough chocolate and sugar to ensure that.)


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