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Jul. 7th, 2006 12:55 am
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Our photographer took lots of pictures of cats to be adopted at the Humane Society. I've fallen in love.

Isn't she unusual looking, with the white fur and dark tail?

I can't do anything about it on Friday, so fate may just take over and decide what happens. But what a cutie!
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Since just about everyone on my flist seems to be saving feral cats these days, I thought this story, which will be running in our paper tomorrow, would be of interest. Personally, I'm wondering if this is a national thing -- multiplying wild cats!!! Can't you see the National Enquirer covering it?

I feel like I need a cute cat icon. Since I'm at work, I can't go and search for one. Oh well, I'll settle for Johnny Depp. I'll be seeing him soon (got my tickets already for tomorrow). And speaking of stories, I enjoyed this lede from the NY Times review: "At first glance, it seems like a pretty good deal. You put down your money — still less than $10 in most cities — and in return you get two and a half hours of spirited swashbuckling, with an all-star three-way battle of the cheekbones (Orlando Bloom vs. Keira Knightley vs. Johnny Depp) and some extra-slimy computer-generated imagery thrown in at no additional cost." A.O. Scott, the Times reviewer, outdid himself on this one. (Another favorite line: "These sailors are like the cast of  'SpongeBob SquarePants' — or the menu at a seafood restaurant —come to life: Night of the Living Bouillabaisse.")

OK, can't resist, here's another good one: "And there are other memorable bits and pieces, visual highlights of a movie with no particular interest in coherence, economy or feeling. Knightley is, once again, a vision of imperial British pluckiness, with an intriguing dash of romantic recklessness that surfaces toward the end. Bloom, as is his custom, leaps about, trying to overcome his incurable blandness, and is upstaged by special effects, musical cues, octopus tentacles and pieces of wood."

The review is actually one of the more favorable ones out there. I'm prepared to not fall in love like I did the first time around, but I will trust Scott that "It’s about fun. You’re there to have fun. Fun for the family. Fun for the kids. Fun for everyone. So shut up and have fun."

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That's Abby. I had lunch with her Monday, and she never ceases to amaze me.

I brought along some of my extra BK toys for her son, who’s about to turn 7. He had a blast playing with them (he loves Star Wars), so it was nice to see the toys being used by someone they were actually designed for. Abby then became determined to get all the other toys for him, quite a feat given that the promotion is over (except here, where apparently my local BK still has 11 boxes to open). She walks into two BKs in her area, one where the promotion is still happening and the other where it is over. She sees the display case is up in one store and down in the other. She then calls the manager of the two stores, and arranges to buy all the toys in the still-open display case. She now has almost all the toys – there were three missing from the display case, but she did get a Vader. Everyone else suffers for weeks eating BK food, and she gets them in one day.

(And for everyone I need to mail toys to -- it will happen, I promise. They are in envelopes. I just need to get to the post office.)

In other news: The drugs have worked wonders for Pumpkin (our cat with cancer). He’s eating again. He’s going to die, but at least not from immediate starvation. Now we’re going to have to figure out what to do with him when we take our weeklong vacation in a week.

And I’ve decided that my next magazine piece is going to be on this subject of pet illnesses, the ethics of making these decisions for pets, looking at the options that people are now dealing with.

Coming this weekend: two of my most favorite summer activities, going to the quilt festival and strawberry picking. I'll try to take photos of the most amazing quilts.

Cat update

Jun. 16th, 2005 10:01 am
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First, thank you everyone for your thoughts, suggestion, support. People are dying in Iraq, some of you have seriously ill relatives, some of you are sick -- and yet you express sympathy for my cat! I love all of you.

The bad news is that the cancer has progressed so much that chemo won't work. So we don't have to make any decisions. The good news is that Rich is at the vet now getting Pumpkin the drugs he needs to at least feel more comfortable and be able to eat.

Do any of you have experience with how the other animal reacts to when their playmate dies? Our other cat is Pumpkin's sister, and they've been together all their lives. Will she even notice, or care? (Right now, she's actually kind of jealous of the attention we're giving to the other one.)

On a totally different note -- something I've been meaning to mention for a few days now -- the new media guy at work sent out an e-mail with statistics about the paper's website in May. My Star Wars article was the third most-read article for the month, beaten only by our coverage of the drowning of three local children.

Thanks again.
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Pumpkin definitely has cancer. He hasn't eaten in a few days, and is a bag of bones and fur. It's so sad, and scary. Right now he's starving to death, which leaves me feeling incredibly cold and clammy.

If we do nothing, he'll die pretty quickly. If we start him on chemo, then he has a 75 percent chance of living for another 9 to 12 months. We still haven't talked to our vet yet (I took him to a different vet for an ultrasound), so I don't know exactly what treatment involves -- cost, time, etc.

I'm very torn about what to do. Another 9-12 months isn't a lot of time. There's no cure for this, just remission. The vet did tell me that he's not in a lot of pain, just feeling nauseous (which is why he's not eating).

I know that a cat is different than a person. But this is still a tough decision to make, and one that I don't like making strictly on a money basis. It seems so crass to say that I won't do the treatment because I don't want to spend the money.

This is not my first pet to die, but I never had to make a life-death decision like this one before.

Sick kitty

Jun. 13th, 2005 05:54 pm
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Pumpkin, one of my cats, hasn’t been eating lately, been lethargic. We took him to the vet this morning, and learned that he may have cancer, which is sad.

We don’t know anything yet, other than that he has a tumor and his kidneys are enlarged – we'll know more when the test results come back. Eventually we’ll have to make decisions.

Pumpkin and Snips (his sister, from the same litter) were born on a farm in Stowe about 12 years ago, and were quite wild at first. When we took them home, they hid from us and ran away. Then, we introduced Pumpkin to being petted – and his entire behavior changed. Both of them still hide from strangers, but are very affectionate with us, Pumpkin especially. He’s a lap sitter, and likes to be in the same room as us.

Here's a picture of him, behind a

cut )


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