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Mary threw a great party! The programming was awesome, there was plenty to do, and I think I heard only one fan complaining the whole time. Special thanks to Cyndi and Nancy, who kept me in the loop and got me free stuff!

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Celebration IV was a blast. Many of the issues with CIII were fixed and there were only a handful of new problems. I hope fans had as good a time as I did. (Anyone get a read on fan reaction?)

Since I returned on Tuesday night, I had to work a 12-hour day on Wednesday and a 9-hour day Thursday. I still managed to unpack and get my pictures onto my computer hard drive and some online – next step is figuring out this Flickr CJ thing (how is it that I can take 190 photos and still feel that I didn’t take enough?). There’s also laundry to do and a stack of newspapers waist high that need to be read.

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Yes, I am alive. Here’s a rundown of a fun and fabulous weekend. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Last night I had the honor and the privilege of watching the dress rehearsal of the Star Wars Musical at MIT.

I was in Boston for a conference, staying about 1.5 miles from MIT, and Steph (bless her) got me in. To give you a sense of how busy she is, she didn’t even tell her husband that I was coming. So everyone was a little surprised to see me, although they are so tired and distracted and busy that we didn’t linger over it.

Two words describe what I saw: brilliant, and ambitious.

Opening night is tonight – very very soon – and when I left at 1 a.m., they had a lot more to do. I’m sure there are many who didn’t sleep at all in the last 30 hours. My fingers are crossed that all the technical problems get solved, especially the sound system.

I hardly spoke to or saw everyone. But it was nice just to be there and watch.
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The rest of my Jade Con experience is after the cut. With more links to photos.

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My Con report. Long. Detailed. In several parts. Probably boring. With links to photos.

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Pre-con activities: Work on Wednesday was crazy. I only mention this because of the one good thing that happened that night: the very nice manager at BK who went into a back room and rummaged through a box of toys for me for a Darth Vader. Successfully. Yea.

I got to the local theater around 10, and joined Caroline, Rich and Caroline’s friend Sarah on line. Her other friends came later, including Ruby – who brought with her a 12-inch Obi-Wan dressed in a crocheted green and yellow (i.e. pineapple) ball gown. Oh, the damage we’ve done. It was cold and rainy; I called the DC crew while in line and learned about their theater, with 18 screens of SW. Wow. Our dinky theater was packed, mainly with high school and college kids. The movie was just as good the second time. To be honest, I can barely remember that viewing.

Next morning, after hardly any sleep (who can sleep after watching that movie?) I flew to DC where Nancy picked me up and whisked me away to the Uptown theater, where we joined Tish, Diane, Sara, Cyndi, Paula and Beth on line. The Uptown is an awesome theater, with a huge screen. This viewing was marred by the fanboys in the audience who cheered both when Palpatine named Anakin Vader, and when the helmet came down on his head. Those scenes are incredibly sad and painful moments in the movie to me, and that some would be happy to see that happen just says that some people just don’t get it. They are trapped in the “Darth Vader is cool” mentality, and the whole point of the movie just went over their heads.

The best part of this weekend was that we could just talk, talk, talk about this movie and all its bits and pieces. After seeing it at the Uptown, we munched on pizza and watched A New Hope. While we talked a lot while watching it, it was still satisfying (“so what exactly is Chewie saying to Han in the cantina?” “Obi Wan is a lying bastard!”).

Friday, after much running around and dropping off and picking up people at the airport, we eventually saw a digital screening. We met a kindred spirit on line, which was fun, and managed to hear the sound through the creaking seats.

So that was three showings in 30 hours. Since this movie is both physically and emotionally draining (my muscles just tense up at the end), I am a wreck. The obsession has returned in full force (pun intended, I guess).

Friday night we got takeout Mexican and watched the video clips that come with the sound track. A comment about the music – I am not a musically inclined person. I am pretty much tone deaf. When other people talk about so-and-so’s theme, I nod my head trying to look intelligent while really thinking, I have not a clue. But even I noticed some of the music in this movie. The scene where Anakin is in the council chamber deciding his fate, while Padme is across the city looking at the Jedi temple – that music is very powerful.

Saturday, after delivering Beth to the airport, we wandered around Bethesda, had lunch, and then took me to the airport.

I am blessed that everything worked for me this weekend. Timing was tight – but I managed to see the 12:01 a.m. showing with my family, arrive in DC in time for the Uptown showing, and even more amazing, arrive back in Vermont in time to see Caroline dance. I got to the Barre Opera house about 30 minutes into the performance, and took my seat just two minutes before Caroline took the stage for her first dance. So I got to see all of her dances, and see Star Wars with my virtual friends. I’m sure the travel gods will arrange payback some time in the future, but for this weekend, I’m grateful they worked with me.


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