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This is creepy. I got a friend request on Facebook from a stranger, although, I wasn’t positive at first it was a stranger since it could be, for example, a Club Jade person who I know by a screen name. I went to his profile and looked at his friends – all women. Here’s where it got weird: Eight had names that were variations of Jessica (Jessie, Jessi) and nine had names that were variations of Susan (Susie, Susanna, Susana) and five were women whose name began with an “M”. Needless to say, I did not friend him back. I suppose I could consider it a compliment, since all the women he friended were attractive and considerably younger than me. But it’s odd to think that he sent out friend requests to women whose names are Susan and Jessica.

(Although, in retrospect, I know someone who married a guy she met after he sent mass e-mails to strange women on AOL who said they had freckles.)

File this under the “who knew?” category: The New York Times ran a story about bangs recently. I quote:
“Few hairstyles are as packed with emotional triggers as the bluntly cut bangs that have been cropping up on runways and in salons. They can bring back childhood memories and raise deep-seated feelings of longing (for the look) and loathing (for anyone who can pull it off). Some see them as cute and playful. Others think they’re anything but, especially on those over 30.

“’To me they scream: ‘I’m cooler than you, I have a lot of sex, and if you leave your husband with me I’ll devour him,’ said Meredith Hays, a literary agent in Manhattan with an unhinged brow.”

One hairdresser is so skeptical of bangs that when a client asks for them, he responds, “Did you break up with someone? Are you on your period?” Another commented that whenever a woman decides to trim her own bangs, she must be drinking. And finally, I learned that, “I don’t think you can name one woman who has those blunt bangs who is taken seriously in a professional setting.”
Honestly, I had no idea that my decision to wear bangs should have come with such emotional, psychological and career considerations. I suppose I should avoid meeting that Hays woman.

Number 3: Last Friday at 4 p.m., there was a drug bust in the parking lot of the newspaper I work for. I left work at 3 p.m. that day. What’s creepy is that it was a set-up: the cops arranged the drug transaction at that time and place. I’m not sure I like that – what if something had gone wrong? Somehow arranging a drug bust in a parking lot of an office building of a newspaper in mid-afternoon seems wrong to me.


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