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I’m tied for third in the office NCAA basketball pool. I am 8 points ahead of Derek the sports editor. Hah! We all suspect Derek of cheating in our office Survivor pool, since he has never watched a single episode and he now has the most points after correctly selecting both boots in the last episode. We are especially suspicious since he claims he is using “logic” for his picks. Logic never works on Survivor.

Update on my chance to be the editor of the paper's new business magazine: I haven’t actually said that I would be editor, but I’ve been to two planning meetings so far. They hope to have the first issue out by the end of May, which I think is too soon. I’d better tell them soon about my plans for the week of May 16, because NOTHING is going to stop me from seeing Episode III in DC and Caroline’s dance recital. Since I was once the editor/publisher of a magazine, I've been able to contribute some real knowledge in these meetings.

I had lunch with my friend Patricia on Thursday. It’s the first time I’ve seen her one-on-one in ages. It’s been tough to see her, given her home in the sticks and her two small children. At some point I started blathering about all my Star Wars/Internet friends, and realized that while I consider myself “outed” I may never have actually discussed any of this with her since I haven't really seen her much in three years. Talked up livejournal with her as well, so if she decides to check it out -- wave and hi Patricia!

Oh -- and thanks to everyone who wrote such supportive comments after my early morning depression. It really helped. The issue hasn't been resolved yet, and I am anxiously awaiting for it to all be over, but at least it's not taking up all my brain space anymore.
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So right now there are five girls in my kitchen baking pies to bring in to their math class tomorrow (March 14 – 3.14) to get extra credit.


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