Jun. 3rd, 2005 11:29 am
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Last weekend was my 25th College reunion. I’ll put most of the write up behind a cut, since [ profile] unzeugmatic is probably the only person who will want to read this (and it is very long).

Speaking of him: last year he described returning to Brown as a variation of the musical Brigadoon
(he called it Brownadoon in his LJ). How true.

For my non-Brown friends: since graduating, I’ve returned every year for its commencement/graduation weekend.
A group of us have been doing this every year since 1982 – at first a very large group (more than 25 of us), now a much
smaller one. In the beginning, we acted like college students, throwing a big party with lots of alcohol. As we married and had kids, the nature of our gatherings changed. What’s amusing is that most of the people who return for this weekend weren’t even the people I hung out with when I was in college. But I’ve made new friends. We call ourselves the “Generics,” or “the reunion without class,” and our symbol is the bar code. Remember all the generic food items of the early 1980s? That’s where the name comes from.

I realize this is somewhat odd; perhaps I’m holding onto a piece of my past unnecessarily, since everyone else has moved on. I had doubts this year – why do I keep going back? How do you end a tradition? But then, the moment we started driving along Benefit Street on the way to Brown, all my doubts faded. I still love Providence and Brown. It’s changed a lot since I was there I talk about that in my write-up), but the energy remains the same. Traditions exist for a reason – they can revitalize the soul.

The rest is behind a cut.

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