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I was questioned elsewhere about my statement that Book 7 is not a kids book. Here are my thoughts:

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I am thoroughly exhausted. Spoilers:

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I'm still in NYC, leaving in about 90 minutes, but back at the Apple store. We had no Internet in our room ($17 a day!), so I couldn't post this link sooner.

On Sunday, the paper ran an essay by Caroline called "Growing up under the spell of Harry Potter," on the front page of our "Perspective" section. I think it's pretty wonderful, but then again, I'm biased.

You can find it here:

(I can't do the highlight - link thing for some reason on this computer; I'll fix it when I get home.)

Enjoy. I'll post more completely later.

PS: There are absolutely postively no spoilers in this essay. I am now officially afraid to read anything on the Internet, so I may hide in a cave for the next 5 days other than quickly surfing selective LJ postings from friends.
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I'm at work, reading an interview with Harry Potter director David Yates, and had to post this little snippet that came up when he was asked to discuss his next movie, which is HP: Half Blood Prince:

"The next one has got intensity and scares, but it’s much more about the sexual and emotional politics of being a teenager. It’s kind of the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll Harry Potter. And it’s funny. It’s quite witty."

It just goes so well with my icon.
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Yes, I am alive. Here’s a rundown of a fun and fabulous weekend. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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I meant to post this weeks ago, and got distracted. And I also realize
that some people might think this is in poor taste. But here goes:

Who dies next? How? And who kills them?

And who lives?

The next and last HP book could be deadly. Hopefully not, but signs from JKR aren’t good.

This death pool started at Gen Con. Participants in the discussion
shared who they think is next to go and I took notes. The guesses are
behind the cut.

This is open to all (including [ profile] kataline’s
friends). You’ll get one point for every correct guess. The person who
gets the most points will get a prize. I don’t know what yet – and I
have two, three, who-knows-how-many years to figure it out. I’m open to

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I’ve been immersed in the Harry Potter community for almost two weeks now. When I’m not at work, I’m trolling the Internet for stuff. And it’s amazing what’s out there, and I know I’ve only touched the surface.

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In a few months, when it gets cold out, I’m going to wonder where the summer went and why I didn’t go hiking/biking/enjoying outdoors more. And I’ll remember how I spent one weekend reading Harry Potter. The negative side of an obsession.

OK, more Potter. And then I am signing off, taking a walk and going into work.

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I finished.

First, Caroline. She called from Belize: she arrived safely, and is stuck at the airport waiting for the rest of her team to arrive before they head to the monkey sanctuary. She switched airplanes at Newark, made it through customs, and bought a phone card, all fine.
Amazingly enough, she called when she and I were about 10 pages apart in the book. She said she never put it down, while waiting on lines, etc. I had a wonderful conversation with her about it.

Spoilers ahead

very very long entry under here )
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But I did read the first six chapters. I have to get up in, like, two hours and get Caroline to the airport.

It's wonderful so far.

No real spoilers, but just in case

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Less than 39 hours. But who’s counting?

I’ve spent the last two weeks rereading all the Harry Potter books and I’m on book five now. I’d forgotten how much I hate Umbridge. She makes the book really hard to read, and while I am very very excited about reading the next one, I am apprehensive about how painful it might be to get through. I am heartbroken over Sirius’ death (still in denial, actually), and Harry is probably going to be in a dreadful mood for at least the first part of the book. Whenever I get particularly depressed, I skip forward to the part where Fred and George create the swamp and then fly off into the horizon. I love that scene (and it has great movie potential).

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve reread the books is Harry’s character development. Rowling did a good job taking us from scared, meek, untrained wizard Harry in the first book to the more confident, almost cocky talented wizard in the last book – the one who talks back to Slytherins and teaches an awesome defense against the dark arts class. At the same time, his insecurities still exist just under the surface. I just can’t wait to see where he evolves in the next book.

As I was reading the end of GOF, I realized what a huge acting demand this is going to put on Daniel Radcliffe. Harry goes through an awful lot in that cemetery scene, and I’m curious how Radcliffe does in portraying his fear and bravado.

Azkaban remains my favorite. I gobbled up Order of the Phoenix my first two readings, and I’ve read it at least twice again. But this reading is painful. I know some of my friends are Snape and Malfoy fans, but I’m sorry – I truly hate both of them. As for the mistakes the adults made in dealing with Harry, keeping information from him, they are so glaring – I want to shake someone.

So – are people planning on pulling all nighters? Shall we start making plans for discussing the book?

And I clearly need to find a Harry Potter icon soon. Any suggestions on where to look? (And I’m not a Harry-Ginny or Ron-Hermione shipper, so none of those do.)


Jun. 4th, 2004 03:55 pm
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Birthdays can symbolize a new beginning, so perhaps it is appropriate that my first entry is just two days before my birthday.

I've kept a diary since I was 12. First on lined looseleaf paper in notebooks (the first one was bright yellow, the next one primary red), then in spiral bound notebooks. Nine years ago I started writing on my computer. At times I've written every day; I've also gone years without an entry. Translating this to an on-line format is scary. I've always considered a journal to be a private matter. In 30+ years, I've never let anyone read my diary. Ironically, though, I did start my diary because I was influenced by biographies and nonfiction books that were only possible because people wrote diaries.

I don't know how often I'll keep this up, or what the interface will be between this on-line version and my private one. But I find this format so intriquing that it's worth a try.

Onto more mundane matters. Harry Potter (the movie) opened today, and in a little over an hour I'll be escorting a troop of 9th graders to see it. That is, my daughter (Caroline) and her friends. Our local movie theater is ridiculously behind the times. Everywhere else in the country you can buy tickets days, even weeks in advance, via the internet. Here, they are adamantly refusing to sell tickets in advance; in fact, they won't sell tickets to the next showing until the current one is sold out. The pleasures of living in small town Vermont.

Perhaps a review will follow.


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