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I’ve been remiss is keeping up this journal. We spent a very busy week with Caroline, cramming in a lot of Barcelona and Gaudi buildings, and then took an overnight trip to see Salvador Dali’s house, hike in a natural park with volcanoes and stroll through Girona. Now, Liz is here!

I’ll spare everyone a boring travelogue (at least for now). But here’s an observation I’ll share.

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Books: After reading "The Sleeping Beauty Proposal" (and then writing this review of it in the Times Argus), I decided to read all of Sarah Strohmeyer’s books. She’s a local author who writes chick lit. I’ve never read chick lit before, but decided to make an exception since she’s local, (and a really good interview). I had read the first two Bubbles books before writing the review, and last week tackled the remaining four. They are mysteries, the sleuth is a hair dresser/journalist/floozy named Bubbles Yablonsky. Then I read her "The Cinderella Pact." All good fun – good books if you want to do anything but challenge your mind.

On Sunday, after dropping Rich off at the airport in the pouring rain, I went to Barnes & Noble, found "Sacrifice," curled up in a chair and read the entire book at the bookstore (OK, skimmed or skipped all the Fett/Mandalorian stuff and some of the politics). Came home and finally read the endless emails on the “big event” on the CJ list. It’s nice to finally be au courant.

I’ll avoid spoilers, and just say I thought the book was well-done and tastefully written, and I was much less upset than I thought I would be.

Oh -- I've successfully re-read all the Harry Potter books.

Speaking of HP:  I MUST stop reading Harry Potter stuff. I’ve been trying very hard to avoid everything, but then something will catch my eye – in the newspaper or on the wires – and I’ll read it. And then feel like hitting myself, like Dobby. Like I just read in the NY Times what Rowling said about the book’s last word. I didn’t need to know that. I do not want to be spoiled for this book. I want to get it at 12:01 and then hibernate (with friends) in my house and read, read, read.

Today I went shopping with my friend Abby, again in the pouring rain. Bought stuff I didn’t need -- mainly shoes. Had fun.

Last week I had a dexoscan, which is an X-ray of the spine and hip bones. Unfortunately – although not surprisingly – the doctor’s office called to tell me I have had some bone density loss. I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow, and so will learn more.

This is scary. For the last five years, I’ve been trying hard to eat calcium, started lift weights, stopped swimming and instead walk/run. Other than eating more calcium, I’m not sure what else I can do. I don’t know how bad it is; I assume I will learn all about the various drugs I could start taking. I started reading about osteoporosis online, and stopped when I saw the statistic that 50% of women over 50 have a bone break because of osteoporosis. It was just too darn depressing. (On the positive side, all my other annual tests showed nothing wrong.)

Movies: We’ve joined the rest of the civilized world and now have Netflix. In the last few weeks I’ve seen Citizen Kane, About a Boy, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and others I can’t think of. Even after watching Citizen Kane with two different commentary tracks, I’m still not sure I get why it’s the best movie ever.

Fourth of July: I had to work, so no parade or fireworks.

Articles: Caroline had this front-page feature on Saturday, and this one on "Geek Week" a couple weeks ago.

Life really is dull. The big excitement a couple Saturdays ago was helping Caroline pick courses. The new online Brown course selection process is like Amazon, where you browse the courses and put the ones you like in your shopping cart. Instead of prices, it creates a cool graphic that shows you when each class meets. Caroline had said she had signed up for too many, which I thought meant 10. Nope, she really meant too many – she must have had 50 in there. We first suggested she eliminate any classes meeting before 10 a.m. and anything meeting after 3 p.m. on Friday. That eliminated a few. Then she got rid of ones needing prerequisites and the upper level graduate courses. She zeroed in on two courses (one was a prereq for about five other classes she wants to take and the other the prereq for Environmental Studies), and will figure out the rest of her schedule when she learns which freshmen seminar she gets. It was fun browsing all the classes I'll never take. The bill came today ... gulp.
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Today has been an exceedingly long and tiring day.

I drove to Burlington this morning to go to the bat mitzvah of the daughter of my good friend Abby. I skipped the lunch (the line was much too long, and I didn’t know anyone to sit and eat with), went to the Verizon store to agonize over which cell phone to get, came home and cleaned up the house. Lifted weights at the health club, and then started out on a brisk walk.

And then had one of the worst falls of my life. I was crossing the railroad tracks, lost my balance; when trying to save myself I wedged my toe in the rails and fell down flat on top of the rail ties and rocks. I knocked the wind out of me I fell so hard. I wrenched my toe, got several bad scrapes, have a couple of bad black and blue swollen spots, pulled my back and twisted my knee really badly. I had to sit still, on the tracks, for 5 minutes before I could even breathe, no less move. Luckily trains rarely use these tracks, and luckily I had left my iPod at home. I limped home and put ice packs everywhere.

Caroline and friends eventually appeared to get dressed up for prom. They had gotten their hair done up at a beauty parlor; there were boutonnières (or "man flowers," as Zoe called them) in my refrigerator. Jessie had gotten dates for her and Caroline (I’m still not sure exactly how she managed that) with two guys in her Irish Humanities class. I had invited all the parents over so they could take pictures. The picture taking went on forever and the parents thoroughly embarrassed everyone. Then the boys arrived. No one knew how to pin a boutonnière onto a tuxedo, so that caused more hysterical moments. Eventually everyone left.

I went to the prom because I wanted to see the picture taking of all the prom dresses made by Morgan, the designer I wrote about a couple weeks ago. All the chaperones came outside to watch. The paper is planning to put a slide show of the dresses on the website; I'll link to it when that happens. And I will put up pictures of the girls in their finery, but not now.

Because everything just hurts too much!


Mar. 22nd, 2005 12:06 pm
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Wow, just 48 hours away from a computer and so much happens.

On Saturday night, a friend slammed her car door on my fingers. The result is that my middle finger is black and blue, and hurts like hell. It made typing all but impossible. It's getting better, but it's still sub-par.

Then, yesterday morning my monitor died, with no warning. Poof -- no computer. I just came back from Best Buy where I bought a new one -- whose screen is bigger but size smaller. Progress is amazing.

Off to read my accumulated friends list.


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