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The painters have started to work on our house. They came at 8 a.m. Friday. Then 8 a.m. Saturday.

And then -- yes -- at 8 a.m. Sunday. That's this morning. They don't seem to take any days off.

They were sanding (which is very loud). Now priming (which stinks). And they play their boombox really loud, and – which is the worst, really, of everything – they sing along.

Off to the health club. Then off to see Superman. Just so I don’t have to be here.
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Our internet is down at home, yet again, so I haven't been able to read e-mail or live journal since Saturday morning. Grrrr. I hate Adelphia, and am very tempted to switch to Verizon DSL. Anyone have any pros or cons or reasons not to use Verizon?

As a result of said Internet malfunction, I can't post photos of the quilts I took at the Vermont Quilt Festival. There were some gorgeous, unique quilts there -- I am awed at the talent. Rich and I also went strawberry picking. Yum.

Most of the weekend was devoted to watching season one of The Gilmore Girls. Since we are borrowing someone else's DVD set (and I'm not sure whose it is, one of Caroline's friends I believe), we tried to cram as much of it as we could into this weekend. We saw 18 of the 21 episodes in three nights. I like it. I can certainly relate to Lorelei's screwed up relationship with her mother. It's got a lot of Northern Exposure in it -- a small town with offbeat residents with crazy town traditions. The writing is excellent (somewhat like Buffy, actually). The continuity problems are a drawback.

At work, can't concentrate. Grrr. I hate having no Internet at home. Major withdrawal symptoms.


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