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So, Vermont's US senator, Patrick Leahy, is this big Batman fan, and after being an extra in the last movie, he got a speaking role this time around. He also managed to arrange a special screening of the film in Montpelier as a fundraiser for our local library (Leahy grew up around here). We got 3 tickets. So the 3 of us are getting to see "Dark Knight" a week before (most of) the rest of the world, plus get an introduction from Leahy and Warner Bros Chairman and CEO Barry Meyer.

Pretty nifty, huh.

In other news:

I picked the most delicious, sweet strawberries today. We’re going to be eating strawberries constantly for the next week, to get through the 10 pounds I picked. I also bought fresh peas. I love this time of year. End of June, beginning of July – peas and strawberries. Yummy.

If you haven't seen the Where's Matt Now dancing video, go check it out: Here’s the NYTimes story that explains the video.

Flood prep

Mar. 13th, 2007 03:12 pm
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We're still on high flood alert here. After last week's freezing temperatures, we're getting warm(er) days. If the temperature leaps to 50+ and it rains, then the possibility for flooding increases.

The city is doing lots of stuff to try to prevent the flooding, but everyone is acting like it is going to happen. Downtown Montpelier is beginning to look like a war zone.

Here's a look down State Street; many stores are having a "Flood sale":

High fashion and sandbags:

And the federal building, where I think they went a little overboard (that's a wall of sandbags against the windows):

The Boston Globe did a story, with a cool graphic and photos. I'm friends with the first woman quoted, who owns a clothing store in town. She's very nervous.

The high school had an assembly today, which I attended. Thankfully, they changed the plan and kids will no longer be leaving their cars in the parking lot. What I found amusing was their idea to get all the kids down to the parking lot and into a car -- any car -- being driven by a staff member or student. The principal admonished students to be thoughtful, and not make a fuss like: "he's not going in my car." I hope they get a little more organized, because right now there is really no plan, just 500 people making mad dashes for cars, with flood waters approaching. And then all the cars are supposed to leave the parking lot in an orderly fashion -- and no one is allowed to head to the Interstate for a trip to Burlington.
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Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm sharing what I did this weekend in pictures. (Lots of pictures.) For those of you unable to enjoy our beautiful foliage in person -- here it is!

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You know that your fandom has come to an end when the local car wash, which used to be called STAR WASH in a lettering style that definitely evoked STAR WARS, is now called Laser Wash.
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The big excitement in Montpelier this week was the grand opening of a new bakery in town owned by Sandra Bullock’s sister. The actress herself appeared on Tuesday, and spent the day at the cash register. Thanks to cell phones, e-mail and other forms of communication, the word spread fast, and hundreds of people showed up to buy biscotti from Sandra. People waited on line for over an hour for this privilege. (And people think I’m odd for getting the HP book at 12:01 a.m.)

Sandra refused to sign autographs or pose for photos, although everyone said she was very nice. Our photographer, who had been looking forward to this for days, was disappointed when she refused to let him take a photo. Somehow the AP photographer got in and took this photo, which we ran. (You can read the article there, too -- or wait until it shows up in the next People magazine.)
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There are many benefits to living in a small town. It’s nice having a local theater owned by a local family. But they are so old-fashioned!

Is it possible that my local theater is the only one in the country planning on showing ROTS yet not selling advance tickets? That never sells advance tickets?

When we all went to see Prisoner of Azkaban, we couldn’t buy tickets for the 9:30 pm show until they had sold all the tickets for the 6:30 show. This meant waiting on the line for the 6:30 show, even though we weren’t planning on going to that one.

Since I don’t know when tickets go on sale for the 12:01 am show (which they haven't confirmed they are having), I have to drive or walk by the theater every day now. What a waste! And it’s not like I can call them or check out a website to get the information, because they just don’t do that.

On the other hand (switching fandoms) the locally owned bookstore gets it. I just reserved my copy of the new Harry Potter. The bookstore has already announced that it will be open to distribute the book at 12:01 am on July 16.


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