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Since we have a "rising" senior in the house (a phrase that I don't recall being used 30 years ago, but I digress), we're getting flyers in the mail from the photo studios in town trying to sell us their Senior Portrait packages.

This one was provocative enough to scan in and share.

Home again

Jul. 30th, 2005 12:21 pm
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Big yawn. We got home at 4 a.m. after getting [ profile] kataline from Logan, and I woke up just a while ago.

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I finally did a real outdoorsy Vermont activity. Rich and I rode the entire Burlington bike path yesterday – amounting to about 15 miles. It hugs the shore of Lake Champlain, and since yesterday was one of those crystal clear days with azure blue skies, we got great views of the Adirondacks across the lake. Didn’t bring the camera with me, but it was gorgeous.

One amusing vignette: we passed Howard Dean and his wife twice, coming and going. We didn’t stop and talk (even though we both know him, Rich especially). Our second passing, he was busy chatting on his cell phone.

Then we did some shopping downtown, and ate at the Daily Planet, which was my favorite restaurant when I worked at the Free Press. It seems appropriate to like a restaurant with that name when one is a journalist.

I’m trying to figure out if this is the longest I’ve gone without any communication with Caroline. Yesterday was her “non-work” day, when she could do a touristy activity. One of her options was going into Belize City, where she could have called us. Since we got no phone call, I assume she did one of the other choices, like snorkel around the Barrier Reef (which sounds really cool). She’s back on the job again today, so unless she calls Friday morning before leaving, I won’t hear from her until we get her at the airport around midnight on Friday. I think I have gone longer without talking to her, but I always knew that I could pick up the phone and reach her in an emergency. And I was able to send her letters, which I’m not able to do with this program.

OK, need to stop dwelling on this to reduce momentary maternal panic.

Today’s another gorgeous day. Gotta find something to do.


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