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Last Wednesday was the Valentine’s Day blizzard. We got 30 inches in Montpelier, which might be a record.

School was canceled on Wednesday. Again on Thursday. And on Friday. Montpelier is taking its sweet time cleaning up this mess. Now, I understand that this was a big blizzard and we got a lot of snow. But this is Montpelier, VERMONT. It snows here. A lot. A couple days I can understand. But on Monday there are still a ton of sidewalks that are choked with snow, so the elementary and middle school were closed (apparently the HS was going to be closed, but the mayor told the school superintendent that was “unacceptable” so the HS was open).

Wednesday morning is also when the mystery Valentine's Day bandit hits Montpelier, leaving paper hearts everywhere -- on storefronts, the Statehouse, etc. This year I got pictures.

Behind the cut are photos:
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I'm home now. Yea!

I was fine until we decided to watch the news in the office, and the TV reporters kept saying how this was the "storm of the century" and conditions were treacherous and dangerous, and absolutely no one should be out on the roads, etc., etc. And listening to the scanner didn't help either -- roads were being closed, the Interstate was shut down at one point. The worst of it ended up being our parking lot -- which no one thought to have plowed. There was a tremendous amount of snow out there, and in fact, one of my coworkers did get stuck in the parking lot and spent almost an hour digging herself out. My timing was perfect -- I left just when the plower finally came and cleared out the lot.

The roads weren't dreadful, and I made it up the hill to my house. There's a lot of snow out there. This may be the most I've seen in one storm in my 22 years here. I'll take pictures tomorrow.
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I'm posting this from work. Like police officers and fire fighters and mail deliverers, newspaper editors can't use a blizzard as an excuse to stay home.

I  made it to work OK, but before the worst hit. I brought provisions, just in case -- an air mattress, sleeping bag, toiletries, change of clothing. So I'm not sure where I'll be sleeping tonight -- whether I'll stay in the office or attempt the drive home. My biggest concern is the hill up to my house -- so I could park at the bottom and walk up. It's been snowing pretty heavily, but right now the wind is not strong so visibility is still OK. But the plowers are definitely having trouble keeping up with the snow accumulation (Rich is now shoveling six-inches of snow that fell in two hours).

So, either keep your fingers crossed for me, or pray if that's your thing, that I make the right decision and stay safe tonight.

PS (edit): Someone just reminded me that we have rats in the building. So it will take an awful lot for me to decide to spend the night here.

Oct. 21

Oct. 21st, 2006 11:03 am
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It is truly hard for me to believe this, but 29 years ago today Rich and I started our relationship. I can’t believe that it’s been this many years. We’ve always celebrated this day more than our actual wedding day. No plans for today, though, which reflects my laziness. I guess we need to come up with something fun to do next year.

Last night we successfully got Caroline from the train station. She had been in NYC for a few days, got to Penn Station in the midst of rush-hour madness, and ended up on the train without a ticket because the lines were too long to pick up her ticket at the station. The mean conductor made her pay on the train. I’m not sure what would have happened if she hadn’t had $72 in cash on her.

And now for my rant on Amtrak. We didn’t just reserve her seat on this train, we paid for it. With a perfectly good credit card. And she had a piece of paper that said this. Why is it that Amtrak can’t figure out a way to get you a ticket when you pay for the ticket online? So we double paid for this trip, and now have to spend time either trying to get a refund or credit with Amtrak or canceling the charge on our credit card. Grrr.

Oh, and it snowed yesterday. It looks and feels like November out there. I think it’s time to put the tank tops away and get out the turtlenecks.


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