May. 7th, 2007 09:55 am
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I just finished writing yet another cover story for our Sunday magazine – that’s reporting and writing four big articles in about three months, which is a lot for me. Add to that the increased number of hours that I’ve been working in the last 2 months because of a coworker's illness – I’ve been very very busy.

Of course, I’m about to embark on another long-term assignment that will take me months to finish. And I have a few other shorter articles I hope to write this summer. But I am going to take a break from interviewing and writing for the next few weeks – my attention will be on dance recital and Celebration IV, and other school-year-ending milestones.


More updates:

And the trees are finally beginning to turn green -- this is one of the latest springs ever. I'm ready for some warm weather.
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I spent the last week or so watching TV shows that we had taped (or more accurately, DVR'd) – Heroes and Friday Night Lights. Sometimes, I really hate adding more shows to my watch list. because it does mean more time in front of the tube. Now at least I understand what everyone sees in Heroes. FNL is also very good -- in some ways. for me its like science fiction, since Texas and Vermont could be considered on two separate planets. Certainly the high school on FNL, where football is all that matters, is a different model than the ones we've got here.

Rich and I saw the movie “The History Boys” last weekend. It was very enjoyable –  I even enjoyed the glimpses of English scenery. Important line to note: “History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men. History is women following behind with the bucket.”

We also saw the high school production of The Philadelphia Story, in which the Jimmy Stewart character was played by a girl (I assume because of a shortage of boys trying out for the play). I had problems with this; otherwise, thought it was great -- and then we came home and watched the movie.

Back to TV, this week Bravo starts its interior design reality show. The project rungay guys are blogging this (which you can find here).

Finally ... I love reviews of bad movies. Critics must so enjoy writing these. Here is the first two paragraphs of what A.O. Scott had to say about Smokin' Aces. (Spew warning)

“F.B.I.! F.B.I.!” Blam blam blam blam. “[Expletive]. [Expletive].” Blam blam blam. Spurt of blood. Plot twist. “F.B.I.! F.B.I.!” “[Expletive].” Blam blam blam blam blam. “[Expletive].” “F.B.I.!” “Hotel Security!” Blam. Exploding skull. Guy sits on a chain saw. Montage. [Expletive]. Plot twist. Roll credits.

Yes, I condensed a bit, and I’m sorry if I spoiled anything, but the above is a fair summary of Joe Carnahan’s “Smokin’ Aces,” a Viagra suppository for compulsive action fetishists and a movie that may not only be dumb in itself, but also the cause of dumbness in others. Watching it is like being smacked in the face for a hundred minutes with a raw sirloin steak. By the end, there’s blood everywhere, a bad smell lingering in the air, and vegetarianism — or starvation or blindness — starts to look like an attractive option.”
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This past week must have been very boring, because I can’t think of a single thing that happened. I watched Project Runway and mourned Kayne’s auf’ing. I watched Survivor. I worked. I felt yucky and so didn’t go to the health club. I discovered the project rungay blog (thanks to CJ chat, which amazingly focussed almost entirely on Project Runway).

Yesterday was senior portrait day at our house. The weather was good, I didn’t snoop that much, and Stefan the photographer took 550+ photos of five girls in two hours. Then we went to Jessie’s house, ate Chinese food that her dad made (amazing stuff) and sat around and talked for several hours. I got to know Flaminia, the Italian exchange student, a little better.

I finally finished “The Book Thief,” which Kelly had recommended. Very good, if extremely strange because the narrator is “Death.”

And I had an essay run in Sunday’s paper. I'm not sure I like the final edit, but in the end just decided to go with it.
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Life snippet:

Several weeks ago, the kids in newspaper start making fun of “mom” pants – pants that are high-waisted. AKA “teacher” pants, I learned.
Then, they started making fun of mothers, or any woman in her 40s+, who wears Ug boots and tight low-rise jeans.

Not sure exactly where I fit on that spectrum, but I certainly became self-conscious.

Today: It’s pouring here, again. We’re not having the flooding problems as southern New England, which is good because it sounds really really bad down south. I am tired of rain, and our lawn is beginning to look like an abandoned lot gone wild.

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When it comes to entertainment, there aren’t very many advantages of living in Vermont. Some movies never make it here, the shopping is pretty poor, we get few major concerts, etc.

But I get to watch Canadian television. Which means I just saw the women’s free skate. Live! Without Dick Button!

CBC broadcast the final 18 skaters, straight, uninterrupted by curling, bobsled or hockey. I didn’t see all of it, (did see the last eight skaters) but have it all on tape to enjoy later. (And I will send the tape out if someone would like it, and can make copies, too. Hint hint -- that means you, [personal profile] hollywdliz )

I won’t spoil anyone, not even behind a cut. Thoughts will come later.
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Our internet is down at home, yet again, so I haven't been able to read e-mail or live journal since Saturday morning. Grrrr. I hate Adelphia, and am very tempted to switch to Verizon DSL. Anyone have any pros or cons or reasons not to use Verizon?

As a result of said Internet malfunction, I can't post photos of the quilts I took at the Vermont Quilt Festival. There were some gorgeous, unique quilts there -- I am awed at the talent. Rich and I also went strawberry picking. Yum.

Most of the weekend was devoted to watching season one of The Gilmore Girls. Since we are borrowing someone else's DVD set (and I'm not sure whose it is, one of Caroline's friends I believe), we tried to cram as much of it as we could into this weekend. We saw 18 of the 21 episodes in three nights. I like it. I can certainly relate to Lorelei's screwed up relationship with her mother. It's got a lot of Northern Exposure in it -- a small town with offbeat residents with crazy town traditions. The writing is excellent (somewhat like Buffy, actually). The continuity problems are a drawback.

At work, can't concentrate. Grrr. I hate having no Internet at home. Major withdrawal symptoms.
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I just worked out for the first time in three months.

I’m not going to be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

Joan of Arcadia spoilers )


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