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1. This web site gives the secret phone numbers and codes to get to a human when calling a company for customer service. Best of all, it provides a link to the mysterious phone number for!:

2. This is a (short) Myers-Briggs type test that determines what job you'd have in medieval times. It tells me I'm a White Knight, but I don't see it:

our distinct personality, The White Knight, might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. Don Quixote was a White Knight as was Joan of Arc, the Lone Ranger and Crusader Rabbit. As a White Knight you expect nothing in return for your good deeds. You are one of the true "Givers" of the world. You are the anonymous philanthropist who shares your wealth, your time and your life with others. To give, is its own reward and as a White Knight you seek no other. On the positive side you are merciful, sympathetic, helpful, giving and heroic. On the negative side you may be impulsively decisive, sentimental and misdirected. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

I hope a bunch of people on my flist do this because I'm curious about the other medieval vocations.

3. The NY Times ran one of the funniest reviews I've ever read last week, of the new play starring Julia Roberts. I've put most of it behind the cut, but imagine if one of us wrote a review of a play with Ewan in it. I still can't believe the Times printed this. To give you a taste, the reviewer writes: "My name is Ben, and I am a Juliaholic" and "And while I blush to admit it, she is one of the few celebrities who occasionally show up (to my great annoyance) in cameo roles in my dreams."

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Tonight, AFI announces its 100 top movie quotes. If you go to its web site, you can look at the 400 quotes in the running.

Here’s my guess for the top 10. I suspect that something from The Godfather and Casablanca has to be in the top five; deciding which line is the best is tough. Same with which line from Star Wars to select. I'm fully prepared to be 100 percent incorrect; I bet someone like [ profile] hollywdliz would do a better job.

Here they are )


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