Mar. 11th, 2008


Mar. 11th, 2008 09:49 am
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When I walked into the health club yesterday and saw the CNN breaking news was that Eliot Spitzer was linked to a prostitution ring, I stopped short and just stared. First I wondered if it was April 1. Then I wondered if The Onion had taken over CNN. There was no way, no way that could be true.

Well, it’s true. And according to the escort service, he liked kinky sex. Ewww.

Hubris. Bites you in the butt again.

How could he be so stupid? And how could he drag his wife in front of the cameras? His wife standing beside him with her puffy eyes and shell-shocked look was what bothered me the most.

I told Rich last night that if he ever got caught like that, I wouldn’t face the press with him.

At least he didn’t drag his daughters out.

Can he survive this? I don’t know. NY finally gets a Democratic governor, and look what he does. I just can’t get over how stupid this man is. What is it about sex that makes men do these incredibly stupid things?

So, say you’re the governor, your wife won’t do kinky sex, and you have needs. What do you do? What’s the least damaging way to satisfy the urge (besides a cold shower)? Is there anything he could have done that wouldn’t have gotten him in trouble? We’ve already figured out from Clinton that hooking up with an intern isn’t the best solution – although, Bill managed to survive that. So, if Clinton can survive Monica, can Spitzer survive this? Should he?

And poor Hillary (read that with some sarcasm). Spitzer was one of her supporters. She doesn’t want to lose a superdelegate, but supporting Spitzer now would not be a good thing. What’s Bill Clinton’s wife supposed to do?


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