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The best Christmas gift I gave this year is happening right now: I'm at work. Because my family really doesn't celebrate the holiday other than opening presents, I volunteered to work today so someone who does celebrate Christmas can spend it with their family.

So here I am at work, and the lead editor hasn't come in yet so I have nothing to do!

We did open presents this morning. I think everyone was pleased with what they got. One of my favorite gifts was a plush terry cloth bath robe that I got for Caroline, the type they have in upscale hotel rooms. She immediately put it on and looked adorable. One of the stranger things I got from Caroline is a body wash that smells of chocolate fondue. I love chocolate, but I'm not sure I like it enough to smell it in the shower!

Tomorrow is going to be a truly crazy day. Every year, one of our college friends has a party in NYC. We've managed to go once or twice, and always struggle to think of how to do it. Rich and I decided to go this year, and we're planning on doing it in one day -- driving 5 hours there, going to the party for 5 hours, and then leaving and driving straight home.

Then, home for two days and we're off first thing Wednesday morning to our annual New Year's party with a different set of college friends. This party has been happening for 25 years. For the last few years, we rent a huge house on the beach; this year we're staying in ritsy Long Island.

OK, the lead editor just arrived, so I have work to do. I hope everyone is having a great holiday!


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