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I am so psyched. In 2 hours we will have a new president. There are literally millions of people standing shoulder to shoulder on the Mall, milling around the streets of Washington, DC, clogging the Metro. It’s an amazing sight, and I’m not even there. 

In 1961, John F. Kennedy told the country that “a torch has been passed to a new generation.” When he died, when his brother died, when Martin Luther King Jr. died, that torch was snuffed. That flame is being relit today; the joy of young people, of people of color, of so many Americans and citizens throughout the world, is infectious. I hope it’s a light that can lead us through the troubles we have today. 

I’m hopeful, I’m teary, I’m overwhelmed with joy – I’m so glad our country’s heritage is working, that we are peacefully transferring power. 

Since 7 am I’ve been switching back and forth among every news channel. In a few minutes I’m heading downtown, where I hope to watch the events at Montpelier City Hall. Tonight there’s a couple of inaugural balls here; at one I can spend $1 to dance with a cardboard standup of Obama. 

Last night I had a moment when I realized I could get into the car and drive to DC in time to be there in person. Part of me regrets not being there. But I am there in spirit. 

Date: 2009-01-20 03:50 pm (UTC)
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Five bucks says either Keith or Rachel cries on air within the next two hours.


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